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Spanish MX Holidays Info Graphic


Spanish MX Holidays Take Riders For Motocross Holidays In Spain

Spanish MX Holidays run the best Motocross Holidays In Spain. If your Tired of wet, muddy tracks and the winter riding conditions then get away and stay rider fit over the winter, BOOKINGS OPEN 2014 We have spent years going to Spain to ride and race as a family, and taking riders from the UK to enjoy winter riding in the sun. We take your bike, kit, and spares over to Spain and provide full support for the duration of your stay. The team are on site and track side to make sure your stay in Spain is the best it can be, Our experience, Knowledge and rider experience in motocross holidays in Spain is second to none, As a family we compete in various championships in Spain and use the tracks regular to practice on for up coming races and event. We can supply parts kit and just about anything in Spain, and probably better and cheaper than the UK, if you have any problems with your bike when your are over there we will do our best to get you back started again, if not we can try and help provide you with bike rental depending on availability.

Various packages from 14 days down to 5 days

Spanish MX holidays pricePackages start from 5 days up to 14, if you book the 14 day trip you have up to 12 days riding, you can take a break and have more days of if you like click here to find out more about packages and pricing We get your bike there, pay for the tracks and fuel and a luxury villa with heated pool

Luxury villa that Sleeps 10 riders with 5 bedrooms

Spanish MX holidays AccomodationThe villa has 2 dining rooms, 2 fully equipped kitchens, 3 bathrooms, a large private swimming pool, a private landscape garden and wireless internet. The villa is located at 15min from the Mediterranean sea with a very long sandy beach. It’s only 25min from Alicante airport and 20 min from a Golf resort.  

15 tracks to choose from

We have a wide selection of tracks that we use, They all vary in distance and it depending on how far you are willing to travel is down to which tracks we take you, the tracks are a all different in style and are excellent for beginners up to professionals to have a good ride

Dedicated track side support

Whilst at the tracks we refuels your bike and make sure you are happy with the track and the conditions, theirs no pressure if you aren’t sure we will take you round the tracks and brief you on any hazards or dangers on the track. you bike is take to and from the track.